I met this man many moons ago at a little theater in New Britain, CT. From the day I met this man, he looked at me with eyes and a heart that said, "This woman is going to be my friend." I never told him how honored I was that he selected me to be a part of his tribe because he's really academic and stoic and smart, as well as creative and serious about his craft. I thought if I was too sappy in his presence he'd dismiss me as a silly and not take me seriously. He never did!

Throughout our theater days together he always coached me without being didactic or priggish. He set limits and stayed in his own lane. He always apologized if he was "off" or had a bad day. He offered suggested when asked and carried you if you need to lighten your load. He was a friend to me.

This past September 2016, this man took a car service from New Britain to New Haven, stood in a beautiful suit at the Lyric Hall Theater and talked with other guests, watched me quietly do "my thing" as I navigated my way through the evening, so hoping I was doing it all right, donated to my campaign then, stayed the evening and made sure to see that I was feeling good, assured me that I was okay & that things seemed to running smoothly. I kept turning around to look back him and saying to myself, "I wonder why this person has remained so steadfast and loving to me all these years, and I give him NOTHING in return?"

I don't know why you love me so, and I don't know how to thank you for your goodness, kindness and friendship. But here, I'll say this: "Thank you for being a gentleman who showed up for me in this lifetime."

I love you! Thanks for great memories along the way!

Thank you!



I have a new friend in my life. In our short but life changing experiences together this person has shown the following: what is it to rock a good pair of shoes and a vintage dress; how to prepare an egg other than just scrambling it; how to slow down; how to create a necessary boundary; that talking about something that hurts or is joyous, even if only have a few minutes, can set things RIGHT almost immediately; what it is to LIVE without apology; some really cool make-up tips; that friendship is ageless; that different people from different places and different faces have more in common than you think; that a cultural collision creates a mixed friendship that is kick ass cool; that open and honest communication can exist at any time, with anyone, about ANYTHING; that sometimes friendships can ignite like the spark from a match. Thank you to Erin, who embodies (2) words that slide languidly off the tongue: LADY & LOVELY. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your friendship.



Stacie Lorraine: A colleague and a friend who gives good PD (that's the acronym for PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT); she knows when to be silent and effectuate change, a quiet and strong presence of a woman who I have known only TO DO HER BEST at all times for those she services as teacher, as a friend, as a colleague, as a mentor, as a mother, as a woman. Stacie, you have been a friend to me and a strong presence in my life as a teacher. You have shown me the way at times that you were not even aware. Your sensibilities teach others. You are an awake person. You teach on so many levels. I hope you know (and I have said this to you aloud from the day I met you), I love you! Thanks for being here on the multiple journeys we've set apace together. Your steed runs neck-n-neck with mine as we run toward the sun! We, as women, are protectors of one another. I wish you love! Thank you for your generous donation. Hope


DAY 13 of Campaign: Happy Saturday!


Hello Facebook Friends! The weather here in NYC is breathtaking! And the HOPE campaign shines equally as bright, & as generous-spirited and as beautiful.

This weekend I must meet a campaign goal of $6,000. I need to raise $1,491.00 by Monday morning to remain on schedule with this beast of a project. Your donations this weekend will secure a very important deposit that is due: THEATER deposit.

Please consider donating just $10.00 today. TEN DOLLARS from 100 FB FRIENDS - that's $1,000. toward this time sensitive goal. JUST $10. from 100 FB friends and BANG! near goal set for the weekend!

Please visit to watch the campaign video, read about this show and consider a donation on this gorgeous Saturday!

Thanks for your support and love,


Okay, so this woman has so many beautiful qualities and is such a force and presence in my heart, but here's the specifics I'll focus on where Anna Plante Karski is concerned: a heart light that flows deeper than a river- thanks for the incredible moments we've had and for loving me & my dad like a family members; you have balanced and degree sensibility that is unprecedented - woman, I can tell you ANYTHING and you work though toward a solution; you have a laugh so genuine and infectious that laugh with you not even knowing (half the time) why I'm laughing - it's a laugh that invites others in, spreads joy, and one that I miss more often than not; as a mom and friend to your children- bottle what you do and sell it. You'll never work another day in your beautiful life. And Anna, I have shared some of the most personal and sacred information about my life in the recent past, and you just stopped & looked at me and loved me harder.

Thank you for your donation. Thanks for your friendship. Thanks for all you've done for my life. I love you and your family.

In gratitude,

Hope xo



December 2016: I was sitting in little studio at The Alchemical Theater with a group of people gathered round a folding table to hear me read a first draft of my one woman show. It was the DRAFT of my first ideas, my first visions, my dreams and musings and imaginings that I had cultivated for years based on my love of dance, movement, clowning, gesture work and plays.

The first (5) pages included a prelude that described the physical choreography of the show, the physical action of a character who who tells the story of her personal journey through life from age 5 - 12 and (without speaking, just in the body, just through dance, just through gesture, just through clown) how those experiences catapulted her to make some of the most important decisions she'd ever make as an adult. I explained the readers/audience in an introduction to the play, (both in writing and verbally,) that what they were about to hear and what an audience would see a physical score, and that it was Pina Bausch inspired.

One of the invited guests of that audience asked, "Why do you have to move? Why do you have to dance? Why not just say what you'd be doing in movement? Many people do not know who Pina Bausch is and you'll confuse your audience. It was a wonderful question for me.

The reading was a huge success (from my perspective) because I saw, was told, and knew in my heart that what I was reading had stirred something inside the gm, moved them, made them wonder, made them laugh and made them cry. It was far from perfect but it was an opening to what would lead me to producing HOPE.

Here is answer to that brilliant question posed by the guest at that reading that night. (Thanks to Allison Plamondon who has a deep understanding of the importance of the body, dance movement and the skill to see this vision come to life):

Pina Bausch’s Working Methods

In 1978 Pina Bausch changed her working methods. Invited by the director of the Bochum theatre Peter Zadek to create her own version of Shakespeare's Macbeth, she found herself in a difficult situation. A large portion of her ensemble no longer wished to work with her as there was little conventional dancing in her pieces. She thus cast the Bochum guest performance with just four dancers, five actors and a singer. With this cast she was unable to deploy choreographic steps and so began by asking her performers associative questions around the themes of the play. The result of this joint investigation was premiered on 22 April 1978 in Bochum under the lengthy title Er nimmt sie an der Hand und führt sie in das Schloss, die andern folgen (He takes her by the hand and leads her into the castle, the others follow) and was almost drowned out by the storm of protest from the audience. Yet in making this unusual move, Pina Bausch had finally found the form her work would take, its dream-like, poetic imagery and bodily language justifying the worldwide success she soon achieved. In taking people's essential emotions as its starting point - their fears and needs, wishes and desires - the Tanztheater Wuppertal was not only able to be understood throughout the world, it sparked an international choreographic revolution. The secret of this success may lie in the fact that Pina Bausch's dance theatre risks taking an unflinching look at reality, yet at the same time invites us to dream. It takes the spectators' everyday lives seriously yet at the same time buoys up their hopes that everything can change for the better. For their part, they are required to take responsibility themselves. All the men and women in Pina Bausch's pieces can do is test out, with the utmost precision and honesty, what brings each and every one closer to happiness, and what pushes them further from it; they cannot offer a panacea. They always, however, leave their public in the certainty that - despite all its ups and downs - they will survive life.




"Now that its reputation is so firmly established, we want to acknowledge the fact that artists can experience a breakthrough in their work at any age.”

I am a 52 year old woman! There, I said it. I am 52 and living as I have never lived before: with the desire and courage to live as a I have hoped to live all my life. I dreamed that I would have the ability to exercise the courage to do the unthinkable : RETURN TO THE STAGE in my 50's - DONE!;

that I could get in the best physical condition to sustain the goals I set for myself each and every day -BANG!;

that I could have a great job to get me to where I ultimately want to go. I do have a great job. I am proud of being a 5th grade teacher, I tutor at a test prep school on the weekend, I tutor on the side for extra cash to pay for my "baby" my one woman show - WORKING IT!;

I physically train 3 days per week - KAPOW!

I volunteer at an organization I believe in (at least 2 hours per week) - WITH JOY! BEING OF SERVICE!

I attend to my Dad (who is my dearest friend). NO Daddy issues. Just love and respect for a guy I call FATHER! LOVE!;

I love my friends in a way that shows them that I would not be the same if they weren't here on this earth with me. LUCKIEST PERSON ALIVE!


BUT I am NOT doing this alone. I have grace and a light or force lightly pushing me forward from behind. Every single day I "throw my keys under the couch" so that while I am down on bent knee I give thanks for all that I have - THANKS!

I give thanks for much, but lately I have given thanks for these:

I am a healthy 52 year old woman who is living her dream.

I have a great job.

I have great friendships.

I have courage.

I can pee on my own.

I am 52 and I am doing what I WANT to do in the way I WANT to do it (always with a toolbox filled with courage and grace and kindness and awareness and conscious).

The article I've attached celebrates women of a certain age who are brilliant, deserving of attention and recognition, and highlights the gorgeousness of having some years under your belt to create art that is infused with history, wisdom, and a half a life of experiences to share with others.

Happy Thursday!

Thank you for your support today and always.

With love from this 52 year old bad ass,

Hope xo…/turner-prize-shortlist-includes-2…



Jaume Martin - Okay, so help me FB friends. What do you say to a person/family that gives unconditionally and cares about you so much and yet, you never get to see them?
Here's to my Barcelona Family who loved me and (I them) upon our first meeting! The first time we all met, we (well, I'll speak for myself) felt so comfortable and strangely familial. Within days of knowing each other, I felt like I had found "HOME" with you. I didn't want to leave my Barcelona Family. That was one of the hardest plane rides home I ever took. The dinner party you threw me the night before I left lingers on in my heart. When I think of you all, I float along wondering why every relationship can't be so easy, so wonderful. I hope I get a chance to come to see you all very soon. I love you guys very much and from here to there, from New York to Barcelona I send besos and sonrisas. Thank you for your love and kindness and support.
Much love and in thanks, Hope🍽️🎯🔴💜