I remember the first time I met you, Margi. We were freshening up in the bathroom at ART @ Harvard. I remember thinking (as I'm sure every person I the world thinks when they see you) "What a sight! What a beautiful creature" and then you spoke and I was even more taken with you. That was x amount of years ago, a lifetime ago. I see you perform, teach, sing, navigate a big life, and the same words still come to my mind - "What a lady!" "What a beauty!" "And what a talent!" Thanks for the support. You inspire me, too! Much Love to you and Brian and the boys, Hope xo

DAY 10 of Campaign: The POWER of WOMEN!


Here's what "A 10" looks like to me. Kinda takes your breathe away, doesn't it? Exciting to see people in their element, doing their thing, wildly moved, joyously impatient to "do" and create in their own way. It's not a choice. It's a MUST.




Please visit to view the crowdfunding video and learn more about this show. And consider making a donation of $10.00 (or whatever amount suits your fancy) today!

Let's see. 100 viewers. 100 donors @ 10 bucks a person. Now, that's a good day! A very good day!

And so I begin DAY 10 on bent knee and armed with my repeated mantra for the day - "Darlin' just f****ing own it!

Here's to chick power! Have a hell of a day!

Sending 10 to the 10th power of love and thanks,




This picture and quote can be found in a lovely little book entitled Start Where you Are: a Journal for Self-Exploration by Meera Lee Patel. I bought it while I was walking through West London a few years ago. I found it at an outdoor market and I think it was the author who was standing at her tent, stationed inconspicuously, and looking so beautiful standing there with a pile of the book she wrote, gently offering them for sale.

I was compelled to purchase a couple of copies of this woman's book for these reasons: 1. I like to support artists; I like to support self-producing/publishing people/WOMEN, and 3. the book was most definitely "up my alley."

Although I meant to complete the writing exercises the author offers on each of the pages, I haven't. However, I have read the exercises and put my thoughts and answers to the questions she poses into action to the best of my abilities.

The quote I chose to reflect on today is apropos, relating to the work I choose to focus on, the work I consider MY LIFE WORK, at this stage in my life. What I "MIGHT HAVE BEEN" is what I HAVE BECOME. I have been taking one step at a time every day of my life to achieve my goal of mounting a one-woman show. In so doing, I have learned what it takes to be a self-producing artist, how to work with teams of people, how to negotiate my way through challenges that arise, how to manage 25 hours of work in a 24 hour day, and most importantly, I am learning to pull my "claws" out of whatever I feel the need to hang onto so tightly and just TRUST that all will be well, that (like my mother used to sing to me) 'whatever will be, will be.

Here are the exercises in the book that you might want to reflect on today:

Take a piece of paper and create 3-columns: Column #1: Things I think it's too late for; Column #2: It's not too late; Column #3: Step I can take to move forward.

Here's to dreams coming true. Here's to friendship. Here's to gratitude. Here's to self care. Here's to starting right where you are and knowing that it's exactly where you should be.

I wish everyone this: Believe that it is NEVER too late, and the opportunity to be what you dreamed might have been.

Much love,



Here's to these chicks who just made Monday night a success!

MEG HOOD: Meg, you have supported me from the day I met you and now support me as your teaching partner & as an artist. Your generosity of spirit and continued love and care is appreciated and can be measured in so many ways - a wink and a smile when it's been a rough day, when you call me "Hopey", when you offer me your gourmet cooked food when I haven't brought a lunch, when you offer me your home on occasions you know I might need a place to escape, when you bring me sweet and beautiful gifts "just because", when you volunteer at my fundraiser, keep a secret, and tell me to "take a load off" when it's you that needs to "take a load off." You're loyal as a little Labrador Retriever, prepare a meal as a well as Gordon Ramsay and teach like no body's business....and you are one of the most loving, dedicated and and present Mommy's I've ever met. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you!

ANTIQUA LEWIS: When I think of you I think of children running and joyous and laughing; I think of the first time I had a friend who I knew was ACTUALLY a friend; I think about the first time I got my heart broken and there was someone to catch me when I fell; I think of a those people I've known that silence is as comfortable as talking; I think of my imaginary friend from childhood who ALWAYS smiled when I walked in the room; I think about what it feels like to be loved from afar and what it feels like to miss the people I love in foreign lands and hope they know what I am feeling when I hear the words SPAIN and SOUTH AFRICA and GERMANY and MEXICO and AFGHANISTAN. I think about all the things we tuck away in our hearts and unpack once in a while when we have nothing better to do on a rainy day. I sit with the feeling of you in my lap like a old photo book and know you know everything is said without saying NADA. Thank you!

ANNA WILSON: I will never forget the moment I met you at Columbia U and I thought the following: that's some hair on that girl; that is one great set of teeth; she seems free; she's such an interesting actress; I think I'm going to try and become friends with her. And then we did become friends. And you became Rick's friend, too. And we talked and laughed and shared for a long time. And then....years passed. And then, and then, and then, a lifetime later, I saw you at the showing of E.T. at Bryant Park a few years ago and in that meeting I remembered why I liked you so very much, oh so many years ago. Thank you for being here and there and part of my "theater everywhere. ". Trying to be poetic. Ha! Thank you!

BRENDA ROBERTS: I walked into that office at AISCT, met you, and knew in an instant...yup! That woman is a woman I need to know. And how! BRENDA! You are forever in my heart (as is Tiger) and I will NEVER, ever forget our time together in SA. You changed me for the better. You loved me so unconditionally and I don't think I've ever laughed with anyone else in my life as I laughed with you. How we laughed and talked and invested in each other. I love you always and forever. I look forward to our chance or planned face to face reunion in the coming years. I really do! Thank you for your donation and for loving me all these years later. Yours, Hope

SUSAN KRAJAN LEVITT: Thank you for my beautifully designed website that just continues to thrill me I LOVE It! You listened and cared and worked with me with such love and joy and openness. You created a platform for my life work, my current show, and my passions. And then, as a bonus, we accepted each other into the other's tribe. Thank for hearing me, for seeing me, for creating a website version of me that I am happy and proud to share with the world. Thank you for your generosity and support. Thank you!

Here's to you! Here's to women! Here's to HOPE being birthed for the stage.

And that's a wrap!

I am sending you love.

Hope xo

Day 8 of Campaign: It's MAY 2017!

"Firsts" can be hard, can't they. They are intimidating and can be daunting. But all it takes is a first step and the second follows. Pretty soon, you're at a new place. Sometimes it's where you intended. Sometimes in a completely different place than you expected. But no matter what, you get somewhere.

This June will be three (3) years that I've been weight training with Gabe. What a journey! What rewards! What a miracle to gain a friendship along with some muscles. One step after the other- results!

The first steps and first week of this campaign has been thrilling. FB Friends, thank you for making it feel worthwhile and manageable. Thanks for the support! You lifted me higher!

If you are able to help me keep walking toward the mounting of this show, won't you consider taking a donation to my campaign- every dollar adds up. Every dollar will get me close to my goal. So about a $10 donation from 10 people by 10 pm.? Hmmmm....that sounds like a fun ending to my day! That would be $100 bucks toward opening night. Go to and watch video, read a bit about this thing I'm doing, and press DONATE. Just 10 bucks. Yeah, it's 10 buck Monday!

With love in my heart, I wish you all a great week.



And it's time for some serious shout outs to friends and acquaintances who have been so kind and generous to donate to this campaign.

Katie Lavelle - My friend, a sister, and a litmus test for perfection! Is it straight? (A little inside joke). Katie, you are one of the most loving, sensitive, warm hearted people Ive ever met. I will never forget our first few meet ups at MMS. I remember going into your classroom and seeing how you taught and dealt with the kids and I was blown away. You taught me patience. You taught me the value of slowing down. You taught me to catch my breathe, and you taught me that even if it's "not straight" it's still beautiful. Thanks for your friendship! Thanks for your unending support of me and of this project. πŸ–ΌοΈπŸ“šβ€οΈπŸ”΄πŸ’―πŸ“†πŸ“˜

Sue White Callahan - Thank you for your generosity and going above and beyond for me. Here's to longevity! (I've know you all of my life). Here's to the girl who made sure to thank people for their kindnesses; to the girl who could wear a peter pan collar dress at the age of 16 and ROCK IT! The girl who always made sure to include EVERYONE at the lunch table; to the girl who always stopped to say she liked your outfit or give you a compliment about how well you might have done in class; to the girl who always made me feel beautiful despite often feeling so side-lined or ugly or "less than." Thanks for always loving me. Thanks for the support through the years. Here's to sisterhood! Thank you for your donation, Sue. Thank you! πŸ’„πŸ‘©πŸ’ƒπŸ‘—

Julie Rooney - Thank you, Julie, for your donation! Your generosity is appreciated. Wishing you a beautiful Spring! Hope to see you at the show. Here's to WOMEN! Here's to SISTERHOOD! Here's to YOU! Much love to you and yours! πŸ‘—πŸŒΊπŸŒΏβ€οΈπŸ”΄

Diane Mears - Thank you for your very generous donation to my show. Not sure what to say except THANK YOU from the bottom of my HEART. You are appreciated! Here's to WOMEN. Here's to SISTERHOOD. Here's to YOU! Can't wait to share this show with you. πŸ’„πŸ‘—πŸŒΊπŸŒΏβ€οΈπŸ”΄

Sylvia - Thank you for your generous donation. Thank you for your friendship and your love and for taking my hand at this time in my life. I appreciate you and I love you! πŸ’ƒπŸŒΊπŸŒ·πŸŒΏβ£οΈπŸ”΄
And it's none of my f-πŸ”΄ business! Don't I know it! Love, Hope

Happy Sunday!

Happy Spring!

Love to you,


DAY 7 of Campaign: I SUCK AT MATH!

I suck at math. I really do. I always have. But I realize that math is needed to run a slick, sophisticated and well managed crowdfunding campaign. The algorithms of FB, the metrics of MailChimp, the analytics on SquareSpace - they are invaluable. This mathematical information is important and assists people in making appropriate $ projections about which strategies need to be implemented in order to reach their financial goals. I thank God for people like Darren Daugherty and others like him who are so interested and so good at this kind of stuff....I am not naturally inclined toward this type of analysis, in fact, I fear it and dare I say, HATE it, but I respect the value and see its importance.

BUT....I figured something out: I figured out that if every person on my Potential Donor's List to ask (5) of their friends to donate $10.00 to my campaign, I would meet my campaign goal of $20,000. In fact, I'd EXCEED that goal. Doesn't this sound so manageable and so much easier to swallow? Doesn't it make sense for me, (Darren) to "look at the numbers" and break things down in simple and manageable terms and let people know that I am not asking them to GIVE more than they can, but to CROWDFUND and ask people to give a little....a little adds up to a lot, like memories add up to make a life. It's the baby steps, it's the smaller donations.

So, I ask my inner circle peeps, my FB friends who are interested in this campaign, my colleagues, my "family" to ask (5) of their friends to listen to my video, read my story and consider donating $10 bucks.

Will you consider asking (5) people you know and love to donate $10.00 to my campaign? Direct them to

Here's to little bunches of bonus bucks from peeps I may not know. Here's to YOU!

Happy Saturday!

Sending love,

DAY 6 of Campaign: STORY & THANKS

It's Saturday and the thunder rolls and roars here in New York City. Whenever it thunders, I think of my mother suggesting I calm myself by reflecting on one of the many little sayings about thunder she kept in her back pocket for her nervous little kid. What worked best was being enveloped in her arms, my head on her chest, and the smell of her skin, and the touch of her hands rubbing my back. It was the closest thing I know to describe love and comfort and being grateful.

I am comforted and grateful today to realize I have so many virtual hands and hearts holding me, loving me, and supporting me as I make way through this campaign. It's not easy asking for people for money to fund a project, but it's necessary. In this country, one must be doubly accountable as an artist, as a woman. You MUST do whatever it takes to create the work you know will have IMPACT and bring joy and possible transformation to others. You must ROAR like THUNDER and NEVER stop till the work gets done.

Thanks are is in order for those who have helped me ROAR and get my WORK done this week...another week of privilege to create and campaign for the birth of this show.

Thank you, Ms. Raqui Borromeo - a brilliant pianist, composer, artist, and collaborator. Thank you for your consistent, constant support and love. Thank you for being the catalyst (in part) to return to the stage. My insistence on learning the piano FROM YOU and our intense conversations about creating, our play, our work, our dreaming aloud to each other and sharing our created a space for me to say aloud, "Maybe I'lll create a play where I am playing the piano, where the piano lessons are the anchor for me to write a play about birthing through traumas in life. Do you remember this? Thank you for the chance to rise to greater heights through the colors of black and white, a set of 88 keys, a talk about dreams and the opportunity for me to see that I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to...even playing a simple piece by Mozart. Thanks you! πŸ”΄πŸŽΌπŸ”΄

Thank you, Jackie Collari - a brilliant woman, a dedicated and loving mother, a teacher, a sage, a baker, a chef, a hostess, a friend, my family. Thank you for including me and my Dad into your incredible family tribe. Thanks to Jen for introducing me to you and Anna and your people. Our connection has made my life better and your kind gestures toward me as a sister, a friend, a woman have impacted my life in ways that you may not even know. I will never forget (and I sit here and cry thinking of it) when you and Maria and Gina came to CAP21 on 18th Street to my studio space to watch me perform the monologue I'd written about the demise of my marriage. There I was in all my glory, ripping and tearing at those words like a rabid animal, like I needing exorcising, and then I looked up and you guys were jaw dropped and misty eyes, and I said, "So, whatdya think? Do you get it?" And there was silence. A good silence. I roared my heart out and you held me in those most vulnerable moments. Thank you for making me an Elmo cake once. I cry at that memory, too. πŸŒͺοΈπŸŽ‚πŸ½οΈπŸšˆπŸšοΈπŸŽβ€οΈπŸ”΄

Therese Lennon Joslin - Thank you to you for accepting as one of your East Coast sisters, inviting me to the incredible parties you throw, for your soft lens toward all people in this life; thank you for teaching how graceful it is to glide instead of race and rush; thank you for sharing the unbelievable gifts given from your heart & hearth that you give without expectation of much in return; thank you for making me feel that your open door is open to me and my Dad and that we are NOT just guests, but welcomed friend and Collari/Plante family; thank you for your open heart and open mind; for the way you treat everyone in your presence, whether it be friend, neighbor, staff, children, adults...with great respect; thank you for showing the world that saying YES to people reaps fun and joy and good living. You teach people to be patient and kind in the way you move through this world. Your gentleness and your heart are noteworthy. Thank you for caring about me and for your support. Thank you! πŸ½οΈπŸΎπŸ΄πŸš…πŸ β€οΈπŸ”΄

Alison Lemay Wells - Alison, thank you for your CONSTANT support of me and your incredible love I feel you sending my way. Our connection as children and now as adults has strengthened my belief that near or far, friends remain a part of your heart. I can't believe I've known you for 4 decades. I can't believe we are women who can reference anything in terms of decades, never mind the # 4! Ha! You are gentle and joyous and embody love. Thank you for this extra support as I know you supported me at the CT Fundraiser, too. Your support and care for me means a lot. I don't know how to best express my gratitude . Your in my heart and thoughts and I thank you! I can't wait to share the show with you. Until then, I wish you peace and love.

Jerusha Klemperer - one of the most beautiful women I know. One of the funniest, sweetest, joyous, most grounded people I have met in my life. Jerusha, you are a woman that makes me want to stand as tall and as graceful and be as strong as I can be. You inspire me and make me want "to do life BIG." When you are near, I am at my best. I will never forget the time we talked through a weird and sensitive issue during a New Year's Eve party at a mutual friend's apartment and knowing DURING and AFTER that talk that we were connected as women and as sisters. I will NEVER forget you coming to my school in Queens and sharing your work about FoodCorps. And I will never forget that you showed up at my apartment with your now beautiful husband to support me as I showcased my movement and monologue work as a way to be "seen" again as an actress. We don't forget these things. Thank you! I'm wishing you peace and love and goodness always. πŸ‘—πŸŒΊπŸ½οΈπŸŽΌβ€οΈ