The Power of Women!

Hope Salas |

DAY 10 of Campaign

Here's what "A 10" looks like to me. Kinda takes your breathe away, doesn't it? Exciting to see people in their element, doing their thing, wildly moved, joyously impatient to "do" and create in their own way. It's not a choice. It's a MUST.




Please visit to view the crowdfunding video and learn more about this show. And consider making a donation of $10.00 (or whatever amount suits your fancy) today!

Let's see. 100 viewers. 100 donors @ 10 bucks a person. Now, that's a good day! A very good day!

And so I begin DAY 10 on bent knee and armed with my repeated mantra for the day - "Darlin' just f****ing own it!

Here's to chick power! Have a hell of a day!

Sending 10 to the 10th power of love and thanks,