Shout Out & Thank You to Stacie Lorraine

Hope Salas |

DAY 13 of Campaign

Stacie Lorraine. A colleague and a friend who gives good PD (that's the acronym for Professional Development); she knows when to be silent and effectuate change, a quiet and strong presence of a woman who I have known only TO DO HER BEST at all times for those she services as teacher, as a friend, as a colleague, as a mentor, as a mother, as a woman. Stacie, you have been a friend to me and a strong presence in my life as a teacher. You have shown me the way at times that you were not even aware. Your sensibilities teach others. You are an awake person. You teach on so many levels. I hope you know (and I have said this to you aloud from the day I met you), I love you! Thanks for being here on the multiple journeys we've set apace together. Your steed runs neck-n-neck with mine as we run toward the sun! We, as women, are protectors of one another. I wish you love! Thank you for your generous donation. Hope

Here's to NYC Chik Power!