The Process of Developing a Show

Hope Salas |

Day 4 of Campaign

The process of developing a show takes hours & hours of intense work and requires a person to be on their game emotionally, mentally and physically. It's necessary to be centered and focused and OPEN in order or create. Most days I'm lucky if I get 2 out of 3 or even one of these areas of the self at a Highly Effective level of operation. Ha!

After teaching for 6-8 hours a day, my "second life" begins. I enter into studio space as an actress, developing and creating with my director. Our process is rigorous and thrilling. This ALWAYS seems to go "right!" Women in action. Women! Wow!

After that part of the day, I enter another space - my home office space, a.k.a. My kitchen floor with a clip light attached to the kitchen console (come on , friends, I live in New York City, for God's sake) and I put on my producer hat and work toward completing each daily task that is necessary to bring this show to life.

And in-between each of these phases of the day, I actually take a moment and give thanks that I have this schedule, these issues and challenges to face, these "problems" to solve, these messages to craft, these "worries" to quell.

Today, I begin another day of creating, doing, thanking, thinking, being, sharing AND raising enough money to start all over again tomorrow.

Here's to campaigning with grace and ease

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Sending love,