I Suck at Math!

Hope Salas | hopesalas.com

DAY 7 of Campaign

I suck at math. I really do. I always have. But I realize that math is needed to run a slick, sophisticated and well managed crowdfunding campaign. The algorithms of FB, the metrics of MailChimp, the analytics on SquareSpace—they are invaluable. This mathematical information is important and assists people in making appropriate $ projections about which strategies need to be implemented in order to reach their financial goals. I thank God for people like Darren Daugherty and others like him who are so interested and so good at this kind of stuff....I am not naturally inclined toward this type of analysis, in fact, I fear it and dare I say, HATE it, but I respect the value and see its importance.

BUT....I figured something out: I figured out that if every person on my Potential Donor's List to ask (5) of their friends to donate $10.00 to my campaign, I would meet my campaign goal of $20,000. In fact, I'd EXCEED that goal. Doesn't this sound so manageable and so much easier to swallow? Doesn't it make sense for me, (Darren) to "look at the numbers" and break things down in simple and manageable terms and let people know that I am not asking them to GIVE more than they can, but to CROWDFUND and ask people to give a little....a little adds up to a lot, like memories add up to make a life. It's the baby steps, it's the smaller donations.

So, I ask my inner circle peeps, my FB friends who are interested in this campaign, my colleagues, my "family" to ask (5) of their friends to listen to my video, read my story and consider donating $10 bucks.

Will you consider asking (5) people you know and love to donate $10.00 to my campaign? Direct them to www.hopeSalas.com

Here's to little bunches of bonus bucks from peeps I may not know. Here's to YOU!

Happy Saturday!

Sending love,