Shout Out & Thank You to Anna Karksi

Day 12 of Campaign

Okay, so this woman has so many beautiful qualities and is such a force and presence in my heart, but here's the specifics I'll focus on where Anna Plante Karski is concerned: a heart light that flows deeper than a river—thanks for the incredible moments we've had and for loving me & my dad like a family members; you have balanced and degree sensibility that is unprecedented—woman, I can tell you ANYTHING and you work though toward a solution; you have a laugh so genuine and infectious that laugh with you not even knowing (half the time) why I'm laughing—it's a laugh that invites others in, spreads joy, and one that I miss more often than not; as a mom and friend to your children—bottle what you do and sell it. You'll never work another day in your beautiful life. And Anna, I have shared some of the most personal and sacred information about my life in the recent past, and you just stopped & looked at me and loved me harder.

Thank you for your donation. Thanks for your friendship. Thanks for all you've done for my life. I love you and your family.

In gratitude,

Hope xo