Shout Outs & Thank You to Donors

DAY 8 of Campaign

Here's to these chicks who just made Monday night a success!

MEG HOOD: Meg, you have supported me from the day I met you and now support me as your teaching partner & as an artist. Your generosity of spirit and continued love and care is appreciated and can be measured in so many ways - a wink and a smile when it's been a rough day, when you call me "Hopey", when you offer me your gourmet cooked food when I haven't brought a lunch, when you offer me your home on occasions you know I might need a place to escape, when you bring me sweet and beautiful gifts "just because", when you volunteer at my fundraiser, keep a secret, and tell me to "take a load off" when it's you that needs to "take a load off." You're loyal as a little Labrador Retriever, prepare a meal as a well as Gordon Ramsay and teach like no body's business....and you are one of the most loving, dedicated and and present Mommy's I've ever met. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you!

ANTIQUA LEWIS: When I think of you I think of children running and joyous and laughing; I think of the first time I had a friend who I knew was ACTUALLY a friend; I think about the first time I got my heart broken and there was someone to catch me when I fell; I think of a those people I've known that silence is as comfortable as talking; I think of my imaginary friend from childhood who ALWAYS smiled when I walked in the room; I think about what it feels like to be loved from afar and what it feels like to miss the people I love in foreign lands and hope they know what I am feeling when I hear the words SPAIN and SOUTH AFRICA and GERMANY and MEXICO and AFGHANISTAN. I think about all the things we tuck away in our hearts and unpack once in a while when we have nothing better to do on a rainy day. I sit with the feeling of you in my lap like a old photo book and know you know everything is said without saying NADA. Thank you!

ANNA WILSON: I will never forget the moment I met you at Columbia U and I thought the following: that's some hair on that girl; that is one great set of teeth; she seems free; she's such an interesting actress; I think I'm going to try and become friends with her. And then we did become friends. And you became Rick's friend, too. And we talked and laughed and shared for a long time. And then....years passed. And then, and then, and then, a lifetime later, I saw you at the showing of E.T. at Bryant Park a few years ago and in that meeting I remembered why I liked you so very much, oh so many years ago. Thank you for being here and there and part of my "theater everywhere. ". Trying to be poetic. Ha! Thank you!

BRENDA ROBERTS: I walked into that office at AISCT, met you, and knew in an instant...yup! That woman is a woman I need to know. And how! BRENDA! You are forever in my heart (as is Tiger) and I will NEVER, ever forget our time together in SA. You changed me for the better. You loved me so unconditionally and I don't think I've ever laughed with anyone else in my life as I laughed with you. How we laughed and talked and invested in each other. I love you always and forever. I look forward to our chance or planned face to face reunion in the coming years. I really do! Thank you for your donation and for loving me all these years later. Yours, Hope

SUSAN KRAJAN LEVITT: Thank you for my beautifully designed website that just continues to thrill me I LOVE It! You listened and cared and worked with me with such love and joy and openness. You created a platform for my life work, my current show, and my passions. And then, as a bonus, we accepted each other into the other's tribe. Thank for hearing me, for seeing me, for creating a website version of me that I am happy and proud to share with the world. Thank you for your generosity and support. Thank you!

Here's to you! Here's to women! Here's to HOPE being birthed for the stage.

And that's a wrap!

I am sending you love.

Hope xo