Shout Out & Thank You to Jaume Martin

Day 10 of Campaign

Jaume Martin. Okay, so help me FB friends. What do you say to a person/family that gives unconditionally and cares about you so much and yet, you never get to see them?

Here's to my Barcelona Family who loved me and (I them) upon our first meeting! The first time we all met, we (well, I'll speak for myself) felt so comfortable and strangely familial. Within days of knowing each other, I felt like I had found "HOME" with you. I didn't want to leave my Barcelona Family. That was one of the hardest plane rides home I ever took. The dinner party you threw me the night before I left lingers on in my heart. When I think of you all, I float along wondering why every relationship can't be so easy, so wonderful. I hope I get a chance to come to see you all very soon. I love you guys very much and from here to there, from New York to Barcelona I send besos and sonrisas.

Thank you for your love and kindness and support.

Much love and in thanks,