Shout Out & Thank You to Dennis Hull

Hope Salas |

Day 13 of Campaign

I met this man many moons ago at a little theater in New Britain, CT. From the day I met this man, he looked at me with eyes and a heart that said, "This woman is going to be my friend." I never told him how honored I was that he selected me to be a part of his tribe because he's really academic and stoic and smart, as well as creative and serious about his craft. I thought if I was too sappy in his presence he'd dismiss me as a silly and not take me seriously. He never did!

Throughout our theater days together he always coached me without being didactic or priggish. He set limits and stayed in his own lane. He always apologized if he was "off" or had a bad day. He offered suggested when asked and carried you if you need to lighten your load. He was a friend to me.

This past September 2016, this man took a car service from New Britain to New Haven, stood in a beautiful suit at the Lyric Hall Theater and talked with other guests, watched me quietly do "my thing" as I navigated my way through the evening, so hoping I was doing it all right, donated to my campaign then, stayed the evening and made sure to see that I was feeling good, assured me that I was okay & that things seemed to running smoothly. I kept turning around to look back him and saying to myself, "I wonder why this person has remained so steadfast and loving to me all these years, and I give him NOTHING in return?"

I don't know why you love me so, and I don't know how to thank you for your goodness, kindness and friendship. But here, I'll say this: "Thank you for being a gentleman who showed up for me in this lifetime."

I love you! Thanks for great memories along the way!

Thank you!