52 Year Old Woman Makes Come Back!"

Hope Salas | hopesalas.com

Day 11 of Campaign

Quote from attached New York Times article:

"Now that its reputation is so firmly established, we want to acknowledge the fact that artists can experience a breakthrough in their work at any age.”

I am a 52 year old woman! There, I said it. I am 52 and living as I have never lived before: with the desire and courage to live as a I have hoped to live all my life. I dreamed that I would have the ability to exercise the courage to do the unthinkable:

Return to the stage in my 50's—Done!

That I could get in the best physical condition to sustain the goals I set for myself each and every day—Bang!

That I could have a great job to get me to where I ultimately want to go. I do have a great job. I am proud of being a 5th grade teacher, I tutor at a test prep school on the weekend, I tutor on the side for extra cash to pay for my "baby" my one woman show—Working it!

I physically train 3 days per week—Kapow!

I volunteer at an organization I believe in (at least 2 hours per week)—With joy! Being of service!


I attend to my Dad (who is my dearest friend). NO Daddy issues. Just love and respect for a guy I call father! Love!

I love my friends in a way that shows them that I would not be the same if they weren't here on this earth with me. Luckiest person alive!


BUT I am NOT doing this alone. I have grace and a light or force lightly pushing me forward from behind. Every single day I "throw my keys under the couch" so that while I am down on bent knee I give thanks for all that I have—Thanks!

I give thanks for much, but lately I have given thanks for these:

  • I am a healthy 52 year old woman who is living her dream.
  • I have a great job.
  • I have great friendships.
  • I have courage.
  • I can pee on my own.
  • I am 52 and I am doing what I WANT to do in the way I WANT to do it (always with a toolbox filled with courage and grace and kindness and awareness and conscious).

The article I've attached celebrates women of a certain age who are brilliant, deserving of attention and recognition, and highlights the gorgeousness of having some years under your belt to create art that is infused with history, wisdom, and a half a life of experiences to share with others.

Happy Thursday!

Thank you for your support today and always.

With love from this 52 year old bad ass,

Hope xo