Happy Saturday!

Hope by Hope Salas | An original Off-Broadway show

Day 13 of Campaign

Hello Friends! The weather here in NYC is breathtaking! And the HOPE campaign shines equally as bright, and as generous-spirited and as beautiful.

This weekend I must meet a campaign goal of $6,000. I need to raise $1,491.00 by Monday morning to remain on schedule with this beast of a project. Your donations this weekend will secure a very important deposit that is due: THEATER deposit.

Please consider donating just $10.00 today. TEN DOLLARS from 100 FB FRIENDS - that's $1,000. toward this time sensitive goal. JUST $10. from 100 FB friends and BANG! near goal set for the weekend!

Please visit www.HopeSalas.com to watch the campaign video, read about this show and consider a donation on this gorgeous Saturday!

Thanks for your support and love,