The Apartment Story

Hope Salas | Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

This play has gone through many iterations, each version and workshopping getting me closer to the DNA, to the ROOTS of this story. So, you won’t be surprised to learn that the story-line of the show has shifted as has it's title. It’s gone from being a piece about my life in NYC to a piece that incorporates the stories of ‘f’d” up families and people and their f’d up issues (come on, we all know about that)!. These stories are not the stories you’d discuss at the Thanksgiving dinner table, in fact, these are the stories, secrets, and lies most people take to their graves. But you know how we all are, right? People imagine the worst if the truth is spoken, but we learn that if truths are not told the worst is realized.

So, the genesis of the piece dates back to April 2015. During that month, I cleared out my one-bedroom apartment and turned it into a black box theater and performed the first version of this piece every Thursday—Sunday night for 3 weeks. I invited friends, theater folk, industry people…little did I know I’d fill my little apartment every night with people sitting on the kitchen counters and the arms of chairs—all it took was a live pianist (thank you Racqui), some candles, flashlights and a few props and voila! It didn’t hurt that I plied my guests with champagne and some really good finger foods, but they came and this thing grew. Those first incubated, little baby breaths this show took led to the continued development of this piece; led to the gorgeous female form it has taken today.

And so, from all the way over THERE, to HERE and NOW, I am moving forward to create this beautiful, theatrical, and original one-woman show.

Can't wait to share it with you.