Shout Outs & Thank You to Erin Zhang

Hope Salas |

Day 13 of Campaign

I have a new friend in my life. In our short but life changing experiences together this person has shown the following: what is it to rock a good pair of shoes and a vintage dress; how to prepare an egg other than just scrambling it; how to slow down; how to create a necessary boundary; that talking about something that hurts or is joyous, even if only have a few minutes, can set things RIGHT almost immediately; what it is to LIVE without apology; some really cool make-up tips; that friendship is ageless; that different people from different places and different faces have more in common than you think; that a cultural collision creates a mixed friendship that is kick ass cool; that open and honest communication can exist at any time, with anyone, about ANYTHING; that sometimes friendships can ignite like the spark from a match. Thank you to Erin, who embodies (2) words that slide languidly off the tongue: LADY & LOVELY. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your friendship.