It's May 2017!

Day 8 of Campaign

"Firsts" can be hard, can't they. They are intimidating and can be daunting. But all it takes is a first step and the second follows. Pretty soon, you're at a new place. Sometimes it's where you intended. Sometimes in a completely different place than you expected. But no matter what, you get somewhere.

This June will be three (3) years that I've been weight training with Gabe. What a journey! What rewards! What a miracle to gain a friendship along with some muscles. One step after the other- results!

The first steps and first week of this campaign has been thrilling. FB Friends, thank you for making it feel worthwhile and manageable. Thanks for the support! You lifted me higher!

If you are able to help me keep walking toward the mounting of this show, won't you consider taking a donation to my campaign- every dollar adds up. Every dollar will get me close to my goal. So about a $10 donation from 10 people by 10 pm.? Hmmmm....that sounds like a fun ending to my day! That would be $100 bucks toward opening night. Go to and watch video, read a bit about this thing I'm doing, and press DONATE. Just 10 bucks. Yeah, it's 10 buck Monday!

With love in my heart, I wish you all a great week.