Hope by Hope Salas | An original Off-Broadway production

HOPE is an Original, One-woman Show
Written, Produced and Performed by Hope Salas
Coming Fall 2018



Hope Salas | Off-Broadway actress

Hello! My name is Hope Salas and I am the writer, producer and performer of this original one-woman show entitled, HOPE.

In 2014, I decided to write a play, specifically a one-woman show. Then, I decided I would produce that play. I told people that I was going to do this; that I needed to tell this story in the way I tell a story—with my voice, with my body, with all my heart, and with my little clown soul. I told everyone I knew about my dream, about this project, about this particularly sensitive work. Everyone listened. Everyone is still listening. Everyone is waiting…And it's coming Fall, 2018! 

Hope by Hope Salas | An original one-woman show

This show is about WOMEN and SURVIVAL!

This show is about the power of being a woman and the power of truth. It's about women's voices and women's choices, sexual abuse, healing and survival. It's about loss of self, loss of child, loss of mother, loss of life, finding friendship,  determination, courage and change. It's about taking one step at a time so that you can say, “Hey, you! Yeah, you! I have arrived!" It’s about finding your inner warrior and facing the unthinkable. Cuz when you do, you're new and you're changed, and you turn back. It’s about finding “Home” and standing tall. It’s about… finally, once and for all, accepting who you are. It's about HOPE.



In the Spring of 2017, I held my first crowdfunding campaign and raised over $20k because of the love and care and generosity of hundreds of friends, new and old, as well as some anonymous donors who decided that this show, this theater piece, was worth their investment. I’m still reeling from the experience and am forever grateful. Thank you!

The money raised from the Spring crowdfunding campaign paid for the theater venue where the world premier of this show will be mounted in September 2018. HOPE will have a 3-week run at the Wild Project in New York City. It's just incredible to think I'll have a show at this landmark theater.


Most recently, I have secured the incomparable talent of Erika Latta as Director; Edwin Sanchez as Dramaturg; Paul Hudson as Lighting Designer and Pia Haddad as the Associate Producer. I will complete the roster of my incredible design team, PR and administrative staff within the next couple of months. Most notably, I would be remiss not tell you how fortunate I was to have had the undying support and guidance from the beautiful and talented choreographer, Allison Plamondon, who worked with me for over a year on the dance, movement and gesture ideas for this piece. She has left me, and my play, with an indelible imprint marked with beauty, hope and grace, sisterhood and comradeship. 

Your generous support is greatly appreciated.

The Spring 2017 crowdfunding campaign was a HUGE success as was the WOMEN RISING! fundraiser/performance event in November, and the Holiday Silent Auction in December. It is because of all of you who donated so generously that the mounting of this show is possible. Thank you!

I am now in the final stretch of my fundraising efforts and am only $10,000 away from meeting this show's budget goal. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution today.

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